Quality Craft Floor Coverings knows the ABCs of carpet

More Americans choose carpet for flooring than any other choice. Not only does it make the home beautiful, but it also provides a feeling of well-being, comfort, and warmth. Choosing the best color and style can be a daunting task. The carpet experts, at Quality Craft Floor Coverings in Covina, CA, understand carpet and its performance characteristics. The ABCs of carpet are Appearance, Budget, and Color.

Carpet appearance

The embodiment for the appearance of a carpet is performance. There is a direct correlation between the carpet's performance and the quality and amount of fiber. The more densely the fiber is packed and the higher the fiber quality, the better the carpet performance. Heavier, denser carpet keeps its appearance longer than a lightweight, less dense counterpart.

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Budgeting for the cost of carpet

Consider how long you intend to keep carpet before replacing it. Better grades of carpet provide longer service than those of lesser quality. Scrimping may be acceptable if you have plans to redecorate or relocate shortly. Family rooms, stairs and hallways are high traffic areas. The best carpet affordable should be placed in these areas. Guest rooms and bedrooms get less traffic. Medium grades of carpet will provide excellent service in those places.

Choosing carpet color

As a general guideline, choose one color to take the spotlight. Complementary colors are used as counterpoints. Complementary colors can be provided with accessories and fabric. For additional drama, sprinkle in some taupe, black, or white as a visual focal point. Express individuality with your choice of design, texture, and color. Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel placement. Yellows and blues offer definition. They tend to make a room more exciting and formal. Analogous color schemes utilize colors adjacent to each other in the spectrum of a color wheel. Yellow and green are analogous colors. When they are chosen, one is usually dominant, and the other is secondary in importance.

A single color choice on almost all room surfaces is called chromatic. That color frequently is paired with a neutral color. Subtle tone-on-tone designs create a soothing, calm mood. Textured carpet is perfect in this setting. Conversely, extreme, vibrant colors demand attention. Carpet texture in these rooms should be minimal. Now you know that Quality Craft Floor Coverings knows the ABCs of carpet. Check out our showroom in Covina, CA and see all the carpet choices available for your flooring remodeling project.