Quality Craft Floor Coverings has just the right design and type of hardwood perfect for your flooring project

Quality Craft Floor Coverings, in Covina, CA, has a selection of meticulously hand-crafted hardwood floors. You get a custom look, without a custom price. The collection includes classic designs and bold new colors. Hardwood floors can create a dazzling design in any room. The difference between a mass-produced flooring and hardwood that it is made with a 100 percent hand-applied technique of flat-scraping that is quite noticeable. Designer colors and random width planks add to a unique design sense.

Designing hardwood

Some of the hardwood is lightly wire-brushed. Wire brushing preserves the natural beauty of knots and cracks. The process exposes the beautiful wood grain and creates an antique look. The character markings and knots give the hardwood flooring a rustic, antique look. Over 36 artisan tools are used to fashion the hand-distressed ends and edges. Distressed ends and edges balance character and smoothness. The engineered hardwood is made from walnut, maple, and hickory. The craft of fine furniture making goes into a collection of walnut, cherry, hickory, and maple hardwood floors. The deep vibrancy is achieved by hand staining the flooring twice. Hardwood floors from this collection almost become hand-crafted heirlooms. The hand-scraping technique, used to develop this flooring, avoids machine-made uniformity. Hardwood flooring is available in modern muted colors that add a touch of a European villa. Many distinctive colors and width configurations are available. Wide plank hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular because of its beauty and a fewer number of seams. There is a wide selection of wood finishes available.

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Choices of hardwood

Hardwood floors can be placed in any room of the home. They even work well in powder rooms that do not have showers. Certain types of wood are chosen, for the effect they lend to a space. Maple brings warmth to an area. Red Oak is popular because it coordinates with any style design. The reddish tones add to the beauty. Read oak is wear resistant and an excellent option for areas of high traffic, like living rooms. Walnut, cherry, and oak can be ebonized to create a sleek black look. Dark hardwood is a simple way to make a space luxurious. Dark, opaque hardwood complements many styles of design. It also stands out in contemporary, neutral spaces. Quality Craft Floor Coverings has all of the selections of hardwood mentioned here and much more. The care extended to customers and the excellent installation practices have been serving folks well in the Claremont, Baldwin Park, and Glendora areas for 35 years. Visit our showroom in Covina to see the wonderful and unique hardwood flooring options available.