Enhance the look of your home with ceramic and porcelain tile from Quality Floor Coverings

Ceramic and porcelain tile is versatile in both selection and style. Quality Craft Floor Coverings, in Covina, CA, has all the proof you need in their showroom. You can design a space the way you want with the choices they provide.

The difference between ceramic and porcelain tile

The material used in producing ceramic tile is natural clay that has been heated and cooled. The vast number of textures, finishes, sizes, shapes, and colors make it a popular tile choice. People also choose ceramic because it is easy to maintain and cost effective. Porcelain tile is also made of clay that has been heated and refined. Its popularity over natural stone is increasing. Porcelain tile has a greater density than ceramic which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. This versatile tile is intensely versatile. It comes in a great variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.

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Suggested uses for ceramic and porcelain tile

Incorporating the durability of porcelain and ceramic floor tile renews a kitchen décor. The floor of a kitchen is often the most important element of design in the room. A dated kitchen can be transformed into a welcoming area that draws family and friends by using the rich array of finishes, styles, and colors of tile that are available. Slate-like tile is perfect in any kitchen décor. It offers a timeless look. Ceramic and porcelain tile rejuvenate bathroom suites and powder rooms. The style can be retro, modern, contemporary, or traditional. These tiles are impervious to water. The use color, finish, and pattern can make small spaces appear larger and create a soothing sanctuary in a spacious bathroom. Heavy traffic areas like entryways are perfect areas for ceramic and porcelain tile. It provides a unique welcome each time someone enters the home. One of the rooms most used in the home is the laundry room. Easy to maintain porcelain and ceramic tile adds visually striking inspiration to a laundry room that is prone to moisture. Colors, finishes, and patterns coordinate with the décor. Outdoor environments are complemented by durable porcelain tile. It merges with the landscape for an organic look that is beautiful. Earthy tones of patio tile in creams, reds, grays, and greens along with a variety of textures create a space sure to impress. Let Quality Craft Floor Coverings help with a selection of ceramic and porcelain tile that will transform or rejuvenate areas of your home.